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Veronica Kasprzak, CMHC

Too many times people tell us (and we tell ourself) what we THINK we need to hear, what will keep us safe, and what will get us what we want. Yet what we get is exactly the same! NOT ANYMORE!

Let’s be honest, life has not turned out the way you thought it would. Something unexpected and painful has happened, your mind and body are struggling, leaving you feeling like you won’t be able to ever feel alive again. To add insult to injury, you’re feeling a sense of emptiness, you’re feeling alone like no one could possibly understand, let alone accept your pain.

So what do you do? You put on the show. You live in fear of someone finding out about your inner pain, rejecting you or judging you as too “broken”. You hide in your life or you overachieve so no one questions you. What they don’t know doesn’t hurt them, right? (Even if it’s killing you.)

My my name is Veronica Kasprzak, CMHC and I have built my life and career as a licensed therapist and coach helping people face the elephant in the room, call out the fear, and move towards their dreams with more passion than they thought existed.

Reality isn’t something we need to hide or runaway from. Reality is what we get to rise to.

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? How many more months, years are you willing to give away of your life? I can help you see exactly what you need overcome trauma, grief, relationship tornadoes, even those self doubt mountains you have been hiding behind. You have lost so much already, so much of yourself. There is another way.

Do it. Your future self is waiting.


Veronica Kasprzak, CMHC

Veronica has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is currently working on her PhD in Psychology. As owner and primary clinician at Invisible Elegance Counseling & Consulting, she oversees the magic that takes place from counseling, consulting, and public speaking. Her nurturing and direct approach brings a sweet breath of fresh air to healing and transformation. Her intuition and genuine connection with people brings motivation to a new level which helps supercharge results. The confidential and safe space she holds for her clients allows them to face secrets they have been holding for years (many times being the first one they confide in).



Individual needs deserve an individual experience. Change and inspiration happens on many levels, so consider what is the best fit for you. Not sure what is best? Schedule a call or in person meeting with Veronica where all your questions will be answered.


Are you ready to change your path? Looking for support and skills to bring life back on your terms?

Counseling is a life changing process where you get the insight and tools you need to feel happy and in control of your life and your dreams, no matter the tragedy that may have brought you this far. Services such as trauma treatment, Dialectical and Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Attachment concerns, personality disorders, and abuse/neglect.

Individual (children and adults), couples, family counseling available

*select group counseling offered as scheduled


Are you ready to hit the next step? Bringing in an expert allows you to build upon your knowledge, maximizing your impact in your skills and your business. Wisdom and success come from a desire to continue to learn and grow our knowledge and our connections.


Are you ready to move an audience? Take their attention away from the buzzing of electronics and bring them mesmerized to the room so that we build relationships and take in the keys to inspiration. Leave them sitting on the edge of their seat and asking “What next?”


An experienced college professor, we all look for new skills to improve where we are, to get to the next level. Learn the tools and how to apply them to your life, your practice, and your community.


What happens when we just need some help to get going, even to find out where we are going? We get a coach to help us find our goals and achieve them. According to the American Society for Training & Development the probability of achieving a goal changes significantly based on the level of commitment and accountability toward that goal.
Hear an idea: 10% likelihood of achieving.
Decide to commit: 40% likelihood of achieving.
Craft a plan: 50% likelihood of achieving.
Verbally commit to the goal: 65% likelihood of achieving.
Have an accountability partner you report to: 95% likelihood of achieving.


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